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Surfer Rosa was the Pixies first full record and it was the first time we heard a new guitar band sound. Black Francis’ wailing vocals, offset with Kim Deal’s soften voice and chugging baselines, Joey Santiago’s sparse but amazing guitar, all underpinned by David Lovering’s beats from the drum. The record was produced by Steve Albini who at the time was at the cutting edge of production experimentation, this material was perfect for him and the results stand the test of time. The Pixies music was screaming, loud, shift, fast and slow and at the time was hard to define. But it was something you’d never heard before. It makes me feel old but I remember hearing it for the first time at a friends and thinking what is this?, but rushing out to buy it immediately. For me they never bettered this record, but went on to be a great band. Shame Kim left but we now get Pixies and Breeders records, which is cool! 4AD and the Pixies thankyou – your music is still AMAZING.

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