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Designers & Artwork

Does copyright affect the designs I can submit?

Yes! Where designs are original album art or other copyright protected material it cannot be used without permission. But your designs can be inspired by copyright material. We will not post any designs that are deemed to infringe copyright.

What colour T-shirts can I apply my designs to?

For now, bandtee has white and black as these are the classic band T colours. When you submit your design you choose black or white.

Where can I place my design on a T-shirt and what size can they be?

Designs can only be printed on the front of the T-shirt and you can choose the location when you upload.

What resolution do my file uploads need to be?

Files must have sufficient resolution to print at least 300 DPI.

What files types can I submit?

Files must be submitted as .JPEG or .PDF in RGB mode, not CMYK.

How big should my design be?

Your design must be up to 1200 pixels wide x 1200 pixels tall. If not we will resize it to fit our shirts and printing capability.

Will my design be available to buy?

All designs are available to buy. But the ones that get the most votes from our community each month get into the top 10. Also we have a Hall of Fame for the most popular designs of all time.